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Leadership Development Program Experience (Full-day or Half-day Designs)

TeachingHorse - Direction

We provide powerful, innovative experiences that will make your leadership programs stand out from the rest.

We partner with executive education institutions, leadership development companies, corporate universities, and talent development professionals to create capstone experiential learning sessions that support integration of your core curriculum.

The experience provides a safe environment to test and practice new learning. Our approach to experiential learning with horses is most suited for programs focused on developing advanced leadership capabilities that include:

  • Navigating complexity and uncertainty
  • Developing collective leadership and collaboration skills
  • Developing authenticity and presence
  • Achieving adaptive leadership

TeachingHorses Team Development SessionsTeam Development Sessions (Full-day or Half-day Designs)

We prepare teams facing critical challenges to achieve advanced levels of performance. We work with you to understand the needs of your leadership team and create customized experiences to achieve your objectives.

Experience Includes

  • Team conference call prior to the session to determine core challenges and focus for development
  • Tools to support real-time application of learning on the job
  • Team web conference video coaching follow-up session 3-6 months post completion of the course
  • Self-assessment and development planning tool
  • Sessions can incorporate your existing leadership assessments
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executive-team-development-sessionsExecutive Team Development Process
(12-18 month process with quarterly sessions)

We prepare executive teams to lead organizations through industry, market or organizational shifts. We develop the skills and mindsets required for leading innovation and transformation.

Process includes:

  1. Executive Team Assessment and Diagnosis
  2. Custom Design Based on Client Objectives

Sample Design Structure

  • SESSION ONE: Building the Foundation on Vision and Values
  • SESSION TWO: Achieving Collective Direction
  • SESSION THREE: Developing Confidence in Uncertainty
  • SESSION FOUR: Enhancing Capacity for Innovation
  • SESSION FIVE: Coaching to Develop/Spread Capacity for Confidence in Uncertainty
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